Annual General Meeting 2014 Announcement

Annual General Meeting (AGM)
This is an announcement that the AGM has been confirmed for Sunday 21st September, 4pm, Wisma Atria Starbucks

Formal Agenda to be passed includes:
1. Finance Update as well as confirmation and announcement of renewal of zero-interest loan to the club by Lifetime Honorary Member Wai Leong Chan, to be renewed every year, with the right to withdraw any time given a month’s notice. Wai Leong Chan’s contribution will save the club $25/month in administrative expenses to allow us to maximise your dues and fees. Thank you again Wai Leong.

2. Exco

All roles will be up for election again.
Exco who are available to serve next year are named below
President: Sonia Ong
VP Membership: Siew Wei Ngiam
VP Programmes: Vacant
Treasurer: Swee Chiew Tan
CAAAN Chair: Susan Chang
CAAAN Co-Chair: Jane Peng
SSA-liaison: Iwan Kurniawan (SSA President)
Advisers: Mark Hansen and Wai Leong Chan

If you wish to take a more active role in the club leadership or would like to contribute more time, talent and treasure to the club or university. We are more than pleased to have
you join us to prepare you to be the next leaders of the club.

3. Changes to Constitution. None.

Note: Only dues paying members are eligible to attend the AGM, step up to a stewardship role and vote. Any concerns or additions to the agenda at the AGM are to be submitted at least one week in advance of the meeting.
RSVP your attendance by 14th September to

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