2015 AGM ANNOUNCEMENT – 4 pm, 11 October 2015

Message from President, Sonia Ong

Beloved Alumni and Friends,

If you have not had enough election madness I am pleased to inform you that the Cornell Club AGM and elections is around the corner. 

Unfortunately this also means that I’m writing you with a heavy heart as I pen this message to you. After 9 years in executive roles with the club, 1 year as Restaurant chair, 1 year with Programs and 7 years as President, the time has come to move on.
I have made some wonderful friends and had some excellent experiences running this club and it has brought me much gratification to see many of you year after year come back and share in our love for Cornell.
What all this means is that we are now in need of a new President.

The letter of the secretary calling all to the AGM is appended below with the constitution changes to be discussed next month.

As a member, it is your right to decide how your club should be run in the next decade. You can do so by taking an active role on the Exco or voting on our constitutional changes.
Our AGM takes place Sunday, October 11th, 2015, 4pm.
Reply if you wish to
1. Attend and vote
Make sure that you are current on your dues so that you can run and vote. The location and agenda is attached.
RSVP your attendance by 9 October to Cornellclubsg@gmail.com.
2. Run for President or other role.
Let us know at least one week in advance of the meeting
3. Raise any concerns or additions to the agenda at the AGM. These are to be submitted at least one week in advance of the meeting
Don’t sit on the fence now – this is the AGM that matters 🙂
Meet your new Exco at Zinck’s night that falls on 15 October this year.
It has been my pleasure serving you.
Best regards
Sonia Ong
President 2014/15
Cornell Club Singapore

Message from Secretary, Susan Chang

As Secretary to the Cornell Club (Singapore), I am calling all dues-paying members to the club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held this year on:

Date: Sunday, 11 October

Time: 4:00 PM

Venue: Capital Square Three #02-04

25 Church Street

Singapore 049482

We are providing you with a 14 day advance notice, as required in our Constitution.  Please note:

1.  Only dues-paying members are allowed to vote at the AGM. Become a member here: https://cornellclubsg.com/become-a-member-today/

2.  All roles below on the Exco will be open for nominations and new candidate volunteers.


VP, Program Co-ordinator



DUAL Liaison

The following members have put themselves forward to run for elections during the last open Exco.

Guojian Ou

Sheryl Soh​

Prem Jayaram

Priyesh Shah

The CAAAN Chair and Co-Chair will also be installed formally on the Cornell Club Exco.

We welcome additional dues-paying members who wish to stand for a role.  All dues-paying Cornellians are welcome to join as general Committee Members throughout the year.

3.  We will be voting on important Constitutional changes at this AGM, so we encourage your attendance:

a. Elevation of VP (Deputy) Membership in the Constitution to be senior to VP Program Co-ordinator

b. Change in VP Programs role to a VP Program Co-ordinator function

c. Inclusion of CAAAN Chair into the Exco and description of CAAAN purpose and activities

d. Wider description of activities/considerations to be taken in group discussions, decisions

e. Formalization of the existing Advisory Board, and introduction of Emeritus President role onto the Advisory Board

A summary of the Constitutional changes are attached for your review.

Any concerns or additions to the agenda at the AGM are to be submitted at least one week in advance of the meeting.
RSVP your attendance by 9 October to cornellclubsg@gmail.com.

Directions to AGM venue:

If driving, park at Capital Square.

If walking, go to Telok Ayer Street.  If you are coming from Church Street or Pickering, turn right into Telok Ayer Street and then turn right immediately into the driveway.  You will see a Citibank ATM on your left.  Walk straight in and you then see the ramp on your left that goes up to the carpark.  Continue walking straight and then you will see an entrance on your left that will lead you to a small lift lobby. The office is on the second floor.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM on Sunday, 11th October.


Susan Chang

Secretary, Cornell Club (Singapore)

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