About The Club

The Cornell Club Singapore was founded in 2000 and is one of the largest and most active Ivy clubs in Singapore.  The club has an influential, multi-racial and international alumni upwards of 1,000 and expanding, with connections and affiliations with other alumni clubs in Singapore and around the region.The club also maintains strong ties with Cornell University in Ithaca and often hosts events and talks with visiting faculty while doing its part to keep members informed on the alma mater’s developments.  The club also serves as a channel for alumni to give back to Cornell either in Singapore or Ithaca.

We aim

  • To promote in all respects the welfare and to extend the influence of Cornell University in Singapore
  • To recruit students for and promote awareness and recognition of Cornell University in Singapore
  • To promote networking among Club members through organized events including social events and talks on topics of interest and seminars; and
  • To develop mutually beneficial relationships with other alumni associations and organizations that enable each to meet their individual and shared missions.


We’re on Facebook! Connect and organize with fellow alumni and friends at here ! Or simply email us at cornellclubsg@gmail.com with your inquiries.

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